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9 May

Today is going to be different.
Today I am going to surpass my old self.
Today I got up off the bed earlier than yesterday.
Today I prepared myself faster but neater.
Today is going to be different.
Today I will be more confident than yesterday.
More humble and down to earth.
Today I will give a smile to everybody.
Today is going to be different.
I will be stronger than yesterday.
Today I am closer to God
And embrace Him wholeheartedly.
Today is going to be different,
Cause today is another opportunity for me.
Another day to live life to the fullest.
Another memories to create.
Today is going to be different


smile that smile by shweta khosla

29 Feb

Shining and so pretty

this little thing I found

had me dazzled

had me frazzled

with its lovely sound

comes once in a while

comes unannounced

makes me wait

count days

till I smile that shy smile

I cant touch it,

I cant own it

I want to

I don’t want to

Lest the magic die

via smile that smile by shweta khosla.