All About Me

Welcome to my blog site readers!

I love writing but I never dream of having my articles and poems to be published. But here I am, starting my own blog and publishing my old articles and poems. I am one of those people who enjoyed reading poems and inspirational articles. I also read romance novels and fictional books. To tell you about why I started writing, I will start with a story way back in my childhood. When I was in 4th grade, one of my teachers asked our class to write an essay about certain topic. The topic that was given to me was,  “Kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon maging isang bayani, sinong bayani ka at bakit?(If you will be given a chance to be a hero, which hero would you like to be and why?)” For a 10-year-old boy like me to be asked that kind of question is really tough and worst to make an article about it. The article that I wrote was in Tagalog. I spent the whole night writing and editing the essay. And alas, I was satisfied with my work. I’ve read it a lot of time just to make sure that its properly written. That was the first essay I’ve ever made. I was really shy to submit my paper because I’m afraid that it will be rejected. But I have no choice but to submit it. Our teacher returned our papers back to us and said, “Please look at the red ink that shows your mistake.” I’m not surprise at all that my paper has a lot of red marks on it but I was surprise that at the back of it there was a note from my teacher, “Continue to improve your writing skills. Your article has great foundation and has a heart”. I understood the first sentence but confused with the second. Our teacher asked us to edit our work and re submit it for the upcoming essay writing contest. We did, I did. I’m not going to tell you that I won the essay writing contest. I did not. I just bagged the 2nd place. Winning the 2nd place is just a bonus, what really matters to me at that moment when I was chosen to be trained and improved my writing skills. I took advantage of that. That was the first step. I continue to develop and hone my writing skills as the years passed. And then one day when I was cleaning my stuff I saw a tattered paper with lot of red marks on it. It was my first article that I wrote when I was in 4th grade. I saw my teacher’s hand writing at the back and I now understood what she meant by those words.

I’ve got a lot of poems, essays and informative articles that I wrote since elementary days. Some are lost, many have been kept, mostly are unfinished, waiting to be filled up. I still remember what my teacher told me, “your article has great foundation and has a heart”.  And I just recently understood what she meant about that. Writing from your experience is a great foundation. Writing from the bottom of your heart can reach your readers’ heart.  The essay or poems are reflection of one’s soul. Training are there to improve the quality of your writing skills, but the heart will give your article the meaning and can touch your readers. Remember to always give your heart when you are writing something.

I guess this is the first step in fulfilling this selfish dream of mine. I hope that you would like the essays and poems that I will publish here in my site.

Thank you and happy reading!


One Response to “All About Me”

  1. bhagyam May 24, 2012 at 8:10 pm #

    good ..simple and attractive…i just was searching for the topic”today” ..saw urs ..its very cute with simplicity..

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