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25 Sep

Hardwork really does pay you off at the end of the day..

The Better Man Project ™

Dear Hard Work,
I used to hate you,
When you called my name,
I heard it but ran away from you,
When I knew you were coming,
I used to hide from you,
When you influenced others to talk to me,
I quickly made excuses to get away from you.

Afraid of the pain because I didn’t want to get hurt

Afraid to fail, so I didn’t even try
Afraid of the shame that you might put me through and
Afraid of your name because of what you have done to othersWho do you think you are?
Making me so afraid of who you are?

Reflection in the mirror,
Shadow behind me,
I take one step and still,
Your ahead of me,

Sweat on my face, tears in my eyes,
I keep on going,
I heard you tell no lies,

You turn the poor to rich,
F to A’s


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This love…

9 Sep

This love runs on emotion.
This love is fueled by devotion.
This love floats on feelings.
Higher than a cathedral ceiling.
This love soars on the breeze of monogamy.
Two hearts in perfect harmony.
This love is you. This love is me.
Together, forever through eternity.

Some people dream of diamonds. Some people dream of gold.
But I dream of you love. Until the night grows cold.
Prayer kept me safe. Visions of you kept me warm.
Thinking of you through the night. Secure from harm.
Some people dream of riches. A whole lot of money.
But I will dream of you always. My precious honey.

If I told you how crazy I still am for you, Would you hold it against me?
If I told you how much I’ve missed you, Would you think less of me?
Can I hold your hand? If you gave me the chance.
I would hold your hand, For as long as you let me,
With me, Your hand will never be cold.

Life with you is a beautiful dance.
Of loving and sweet romance. Life with you is a sweet dream.
Of honeysuckle and cool running streams.
Life with you is a thrilling roller coaster ride.
Knowing that you will always be by my side.
Life with you is my eternity.
You and I on an endless cloud of serenity.