I write… by Martin McCollugh

25 Feb

I write for the purpose so people can understand what I’m sayin

I write so people can understand what’s in my brain

I write so you can nod your head because you feel the same

I write so I can express my pain

I write with an alias name

I write for personal gain

I write to keep from going insane

I write so a story is told for every sand grain

I write so what your thinking is said

I write so I get a increasingly better skill set

I write because I’ve come to realize I have no choice

I write so even the mute one has a voice

I write so you can see my progression

I write to prove to myself I learned my lessons

I write so we are on the same page

I write with the wisdom of a wise sage

I write so a solid foundation can be laid

I write so I can construct a sound building on top

I write for the love of it I couldnt care less if I was paid

I write to express you couldn’t pay me to stop

I write raw and untamed

I write what I think so I can’t be blamed

I write to stay relevant�

So I write to what pertains�

I write on a level with no equivalent

I write so I can the next person be better than

I write to make sense but if you don’t get it atleast pretend

I write to defend

I write with a start

I write continuously with no end

This poem is one of my favorite. It reflects my inner self and soul. Yes, the author and I have lots of similarity. I write to reveal my soul and I write with no end. Hope you enjoy this poem as I enjoyed it a lot.


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