First day….Australian Accent….

21 Feb

It was my first day at my new job yesterday, February 20. I was excited so I got up early off my bed and I started preparing to go to work. Trying not to be late and of course to make a good impression too.  It was raining but I didn’t mind the rain. Rain is a blessing for me and I believe something good is waiting for me in the next couple of hours.

So I headed to the office and found out that I was the first employee to be there. Who will ever be in the office at around 7:00 am when the office starts at 8:30 am? I’m just a little excited perhaps. Well, I just sat at the pantry and listened to the set of music that I have in my phone.  A couple of minutes had passed and people started coming in and making coffee in the pantry. And they are looking at me because I’m not wearing an ID. I am also wearing  jeans, which is unusual because every employee should wear business casual attire from Monday to Thursday. It seems that I have broken the first rule. Dress code! 

Someone asked me “are you from batch 6?” and I just nodded my head. Afraid of talking perhaps. Then the person continued,” You have the biggest batch you know, around 47-49 I think.” Then I asked how did he know how many people are there in my batch. I didn’t even know how many are we. The person said that the managers told them how big are we and how are they excited about us. I accepted the fact that it was a good thing that we are welcome in the company and they are excited about us. That’s really uplifting for me.

I thought that the first day is like getting to know each other. I believe that it is the normal way to start since we didn’t know each other. But I was surprised that most of my batch mates knew each others. And I wondered why. So I asked and I found out that most of them had come from the same company before. That’s a relief. I thought they had a get to know each other seminar without me knowing it and I wasn’t able to attend to. Really a big relief.

The shocking part, we had a pre-test. English assessment and listening comprehension. I took the pre-test without complaining and my score is pretty good, I guess. That’s not all. We had an Australian Accent test. This test will measure if we have an Aussie accent. Yep. This is my first time working with Australian people and I’d like to say that their accent is cool and I don’t have the accent. I asked our trainer if he could read the words first with the accent so we can grasp the idea. Well he read it, and it was really fun listening to the accent. I am not making fun of it. I guess I am just happy because I am in a point of my life where learning new things is really fun. Out of the 15 words that I pronounced and tried to imitate my trainer with the accent, I was surprised that I got 3 correct words. Yes, a whopping 3 words I correctly pronounced with the Aussie accent. My trainer said that I suck. Yes I really do. But pronouncing those words with the accent I am really not familiar with and getting 3 words correctly pronounced, I can say it’s a good start. And I didn’t mispronounced it all. Not bad at all. Getting 3 words is better than having none. It just shows that I have a cup I need to fill up. It just shows that I can improve more and learn more. I just realized that I am starting a new path with this company. And take a good guess, I am liking it. I am challenged. And I am a person that will never run a challenge. And most of all,  I was blessed.

The rain really brought me a blessing. Yesterday, which was my first day at my new job opened a new door for me. A new path to lead. A new set of friends. A new environment. A new set of trials. And new memories to create that are worth keeping. I will never forget that first day. It is a start of a new journey for me. I promised myself that at the end of my training I will make sure to improve my Aussie accent. I have new goals to reach and new hurdles to surpass.

Well I need to end this now. I still need to prepare for work. Second day of work . Here I come…:)






2 Responses to “First day….Australian Accent….”

  1. armorcharm1416 May 19, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

    What a day, right?! 🙂

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